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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  May 30, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> harris: we got our first glimpse outside terminal one and the tarmac where we believe the north korean top official who is here to meet with the secretary of state is now on his way. landed at j.f.k. thank you for watching. >> dana: fox news alert. president trump and secretary of state mike pompeo meeting this hour at the white house as a top north korean official arrives in new york for talks with pompeo. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." the vice chairman of north korean central committee has just landed at kennedy airport. he will be joining secretary pompeo later today in new york after pompeo consults with president trump. we have fox news coverage. jennifer griffin at the pentagon on the c.i.a. finding north korea has no intention of giving up the nuclear weapons anytime soon. but first we begin with john roberts live at the white house. john?
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>> john: good afternoon, dana. the president meeting this hour with the secretary of state to go over final strategy before secretary pompeo heads up to new york for meetings with kim young chol who you pointed out just landed in new york. whether or not this summit goes ahead on june 12 could well hinge on how those meetings go. they are clearly going to see if they are enough on the same page that they can have the two leaders sit down with each other and try to forge an agreement going forward. kim young chol is someone who secretary pompeo has gotten to know over recent weeks already meeting with him twice. here is the state department spokeswoman heather nauert. >> this will be the secretary's third meeting with kim young chol. they have had obviously very deep conversations where they have talked about a lot of detail about what the united states expectations are. i think it's important that we are going to new york. i know the secretary looks forward to engaging him in new york. >> john: the white house is
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proceeding as if the summit is a go on the 12th. that i have two teams in the east asia region. one is logistics team for the deputy chief of staff for operations joe hagin to figure out what rooms you will go to, who meets with who, where, when? that sort of thing. they have another team in demilitarized zone to meet with the north korean officials to put together the diplomatic piece of this. the president last night in nashville not mentioning north korea at all. but he did bring up his national security adviser john bolton. a lot of this went off the rails after john bolton said on "fox news sunday" on the morning of april 29 he could see the libyan model for denuclearization being applied to north korea. north korea kind of freaked about all of that and that is when the sabre-rattling started. but he had high praise for his national security adviser. listen here. >> john bolton.
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the great john bolton. they think he is so nasty and so tough that i have to hold him back. that's pretty great. he is doing a great job. you better get some rest. we have good negotiations coming up. >> john: "some pretty good negotiations coming." yesterday on board air force one on the way to the rally in nashville, tennessee, sarah huckabee sanders sounding an optimistic note saying the president's letter said we were open to the meeting at the time. we expect it to take place. we will see what happens. we are going to be prepared. if it takes place june 12 we will be prepared. if it takes place at a later date we are prepared for that as well. i get a sense from the white house. the summit is back on. but i get a sense from some folks at the white house there may not be an official announcement that the summit is back on because god forbid
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something happens and they have to cancel it again. they may proceed with the planning and get on the plane and leave without saying that the summit is officially on. >> dana: keep your bags packed. >> definitely. >> dana: you have had a lot of rain in washington, d.c., so the lawnmowers must need to get to the north lawn. we appreciate you powering throughe grass is growing. typically they mow it on esday. >> dana: a c.i.a. analysis reportedly finding that it's unlikely north korea will actually denuclearize. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live from the pentagon. jennifer, does the pentagon think that talks with north korea will actually bear fruit? >> dana, defense secretary mattis en route to an asian defense minister's meeting in singapore said on board the flight to hawaii he is in close touch with the president and secretary of state pompeo about north korea, which he said remains a diplomatically-led effort. no response to that report from the c.i.a. but it is notable at a stop at
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the u.s. pacific command in hawaii he met with his japanese counterpart in a sign of just how quickly things are moving and how potentially concerned japan as an ally is about having its concerns reflected in any potential deal cut by the u.s. president. japan's prime minister slated to meet president trump at the white house a week before the proposed summit with kim jong un. mattis is in hawaii for the change of command ceremony for the head of the u.s. specific command admiral harry harris whose aggressive posture to china and military background is one reason president trump has chosen him to be his next ambassador to south korea. that ceremony begins in an hour in hawaii. >> dana: jennifer, what is general mattis' message to china in this trip? >> it's notable that mattis referred to the region as "indo-pacific." on the gaggle on the flight. that is likely to annoy china who sees india as rival in asia. mattis said the u.s. would continue to conduct freedom of
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navigation operations sending the u.s. naval vessels close to the disputed and the manmade islands that china is militarizing in the south china sea. >> there had been a promise in 2015 by president xi in the rose garden, white house meeting where they would not demilitarize the islands. we have seen in the last month they have done exactly that, moving weaponry in that was never there before. >> earlier this this month, china grabbed the pentagon's attention landing two nuclear-capable bombers on woody island claimed by taiwan and vietnam. it carried out its first night landing on its only operational aircraft carrier late last week. this something that the u.s. navy is doing for decades but shows how china military is advancing. for context, u.s. has 11 aircraft carriers and china has only one. >> dana: i'm sure they are trying to build some more. jennifer, thank you. for more on this, retired
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lieutenant general william boykin, former deputy under-secretary for defense under bush 43. and executive vice president of the family research council. it's great to have you here, general. let me ask you. >> thank you. >> dana: there are so many moving parts in this region. we were just talking about china. the south koreans are very keen to get this done. japan, anxious and coming to see the president next tuesday in advance of the summit. you have what is going on in the south china sea and india. from your perspective, laymen, viewers like me watching all of this, what are you looking at to determine what is the most important thing to be focused on? >> first, we have to focus on china. i think china is a key player in this whole thing. i think china has tremendous influence over kim. i also agree with the c.i.a. assessment that it's unlikely that kim made a decision to give up his nuclear program. i think what is going to be important here is that we come out of this with some general
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broad framework for denuclearization. i don't think that is something that is going to happen in just a matter of a few hours of negotiations. i think this is going to be an iterative process and we will see more meetings to try to work out a real agreement. >> dana: bret baier and i were talking yesterday on the program we can't all expect that on june 12 everything will be magically solved. it might be a chance to figure out where everybody is and to stake out the positions. you mentioned the c.i.a. report. i have a piece. c.i.a. found kim doesn't plan to give up nukes anytime soon. he may open a western hamburger franchise in pyongyang and offer other limited american investment and there are no initial demands from the regime for the u.s. troops to withdraw from north korea. that may be true but we have such little information and i
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sight in north korea. we might have more given the last six months and the interaction that the administration is having with north korean officials today in new york city. >> north korea is a black hole. it's difficult for the intelligence community to do the collection they would do in other part of the world. we may have the signal intelligence and the photographickic intelligence, the key thing we need in there is human intelligence to know not only where things are and what the real capabilities are but to know the intentions of the north korean leadership. this is a difficult proposition. i think donald trump pyed his hand very, very well to get to us this point. st sitting down and having a discussion face to face directly between our president and their premier, i think is a major step forward. but don't expect this to mean
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we are going to come out with some denuclearization agreement after one session. >> dana: we talked a little bit about china today. i agree the threat from china on all points are strong from the tariffs that the president announced yesterday that we are looking at an additional $50 billion in tariffs. the chinese being frustrated with that saying that is not what you said a month ago. then this. i want to get your take on it. apparently china conducted 200 lab tests over a span of three years starting in december of 2014. the u.s. caring out totaling of 50 over five-year span starting in 2012. and these kind of tests are in nuclear program that simulate what it would be like to have a nuclear blast. now, what does that tell you about china's intentions here? we might deal with the north korean issue and then possibly have a chinese one? >> yeah. you know, you could say that is bluster and you can say it's the chinese trying to send us a message if it were not for the fact they are
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militarizing in powerful ways. you talked about the new aircraft carrier. one thing, everybody needs to understand is an aircraft carrier makes them an expeditionary force. it's no longer about defending the homeland. it's no longer about defending the south china sea. that makes them expeditionary force. they can project power to other part of the world. this is largest most sophisticated aircraft carrier in the world probably. but it will take them a long time to learn how to actually operate that. >> there is a lot to pick on. so much. we appreciate your details. we'll check back in with you. lieutenant general william boykin. thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: to republicans, flooding the airwaves ahead of the california primary next week. how are they hoping to gain an edge in a state that could decide the balance of power? plus, president trump on the campaign trail pushing the g.o.p. platform on
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>> dana: president trump appearing at a rally in nashville last night to support senate candidate marsha blackburn. he largely skipped talking about the g.o.p. tax cuts or the economy but spent the bulk of the speech hammering democrats on immigration. >> president trump: washington democrats voted against legislation to remove these criminal aliens. they voted against kate's law
11:16 am
and they voted in favor of sanctuary cities that protect criminals. and they voted in favor of catch and release. >> dana: amy walter is the national editor for cook political report. you should follow her. she is super smart. the economy is super strong. american sentiment and the feeling of the economy is enthusiastic, optimistic. and yet, the tax cuts are not really what the president is out there touting. it's more immigration. is that because that is what the polls are telling them will help win? >> it's a really great question. look, the economy has been doing pretty well for quite some time. the stock market all through 2017 was basically on fire. yet, we haven't seen the gains in the economy translate directly to the president's overall approval rating. even while people say they approve of the job that he is doing on the economy, they are more positive about that, they don't have a positive view necessarily of how he is doing
11:17 am
as president. so, i think that the issue of the economy is important is not the sort of thing that is getting the base as excited as immigration. the tax bill while it's more popular when it was when it first passed still does not have the resonance that they hoped it was. >> dana: that issue was solve and immigration is still to be solved. "usa today" showed house races and showing democrats -- i'm not surprised by this -- 53% of the democrats' ads focused on healthcare. 43% are anti-trump. for republicans, 36% of the ads are really focused on the president. the rest are on immigration. a lot of times they try to make sure it's not about the referendum on them and it's all about the congress. that's not the case this year. that might be one of the reasons that the republicans
11:18 am
have more hope than they did a month or so ago. >> it's absolutely a referendum on the president. even when the president says or members of congress says it's not a referendum. >> dana: yeah, i know. >> you always know that. when the president is popular the party does better and when he is unpopular he doesn't. you are right, this is not surprising, the democrats, the number one issue among democrats. you see this in the polling, healthcare. number one for republicans, immigration. it makes sense in primaries they dominate. the point of the pro and the anti-trump ads is interesting. i looked at the data and i compared it to where the democrats were in their midterm elections and how often they were talking about obama. they weren't tying themselves to the president in the democratic primaries the way the way republicans are tie themselves to the president in the republican primaries. a different environment. there are more republicans embracing trump than democrats that are running outwardly saying i'm running against him or i want to impeach him. >> dana: it's so interesting. so in less than a week we
11:19 am
might have a little more information as to whether the republicans can hold the house. california will hold the primary. there are three districts. 39, 48,49 that the r.n.c.c., the national campaign committee running to target trump voters. in fact, they have all the ads going to run on facebook, google and pandora. they are going to get text messages on election day. they will target korean and mandarin-speaking voters. why is it so important for the republicans to hold on to these races? >> yeah. a great question. there are a number of the republican-held seats in california that democrats are already investing in, want to play in. on a good night for democrats they win three or four of the seats. on a great night they win five to six of the seats in california that would m that a quarter of the seatsha tyeed to get to 23 could come from california. so they need to keep california in play. the challenge is this top two primary system where the top two vote-getters regardless of
11:20 am
party move to november. the good news for democrats, they got a lot of candidates who are so excited and want to run. the bad news they have a lot of candidates who are excited and want to run. in some cases too many of them. they split the vote enough that the top-two vote getters end up being november -- being republicans in november and democrats are off the ballot. >> dana: they are spending $9 million to save off the challenges. they say early voting is quite enthusiastic for democrats which might indicate something good or it could indicate because they had so many democrats running they are splitting that vote and that is why the democrats are worried. one last thing. a quick comment if you could. register independents are now larger number than republicans in california. it doesn't mean they are moving to be democrat voters or that they have a certain preference. what does it signify to you? >> it signifies to me a move
11:21 am
we have been seeing across the country. voters now define themselves less by party even though they are more partisan than ever. they don't like to say whether they are democrat or republican. but they end up voting almost unanimously for one party or the other. >> dana: but they might say they are liberal or conservative. label they prefer. >> you can be independent and conservative democrat or independent and be conservative republican. i don't think it says much about your ideology of it says about the views of the two parties. >> dana: amy walter, what a treat to have you on. >> thanks, dana. >> dana: so a governor in a key midwestern state set to step down amid personal and political scandal. we will tell you who will take over in that state. plus, kim kardashian set to meet with president trump this afternoon. what is that all about? we'll explain. alright, i brought in new max protein
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>> dana: the fall-out now from the resignation of missouri gor eric greitens-governor eric greitens who officially steps down. he had been a rising political star who even had aspirations of becoming president. we are following the story live from our midwest bureau in chicago. matt? >> in governor greitens's short time in office he was charged with two felonies. today the st. louis circuit attorney says she is dropping one of the charges the felony computer tampering saying even if greitens was convicted he likely would not be sent to jail. regarding the felony computer tampering charge he was accused of electronically accessing a personal charity
11:26 am
donor list and using it for political purposes. the other felony charge against greitens, invasion of privacy. he is accused of taking a photo of his mistress and threatening to blackmail her with it. two weeks ago it made it to the jury selection process and there is a start date for the trial. but the alleged photo at the center of that charge never materialized. and the state suddenly dropped the case. a special prosecutor has been assigned to that case and it is possible they might refile charges but unless that mysterious photo ever surfaces, it seems that prosecutors have a tough time pursuing greitens. >> dana: matt, what are the political implications of the governor's resignation? people have been wondering if this happened what is the next step? >> well, you know, there was serious concern that greitens mounting scandal and the legal trouble would have tarnished republican odds in the state senate race where the republican state attorney josh holly running to unseat the democratic senator claire mccaskill. holly's office led the investigation into one of greitens's charges and he
11:27 am
demanded greitens resign. so now the resignation is certainly a burden lifted off of holly's shoulders. and this is a big relief for republicans in missouri. and on another front, the missouri knew governor, the lieutenant governor mike parsons will take office on friday. right now it seems he is generally being welcomed by both parties in missouri. described as having long relationships with legislative leaders and reputation as a deal-maker. dana? >> dana: it pays off to have those relationships. all right, matt. thank you. >> thank you. >> there really is no real logical explanation for us wanting to pin down the numbers. we want the real numbers to come out. >> dana: the governor of puerto rico saying he welcomes the study where harvard university researchers found that thousands of deaths can now be blamed on hurricane maria. 4,600 deaths are dramatically higher than the initial governmentally of 64.
11:28 am
the study finding many of the victims died from delayed medical care. >> we had a vertical that was sub par and we recognize that. for the future we want to make sure it's effective and not only a good one but can be a model for other jurisdictions as well. >> dana: last year's storm wreaked havoc with the puerto rico infrastructure knocking out power across the island and the f.c.c. just approved more than $51 million for thegoing hurricane recovery effort there and -- ongoing hurricane recovery effort there and in the u.s. virgin islands. so a man back behind bars after the court says he was released early by mistake. we talk to the judge who reduced his sentence about the case and calls for the president to commute his sentence. plus, michael cohen and stormy daniels' lawyer are back in court. we'll be live outside the courthouse. check out my latest podcast with chris stirewalt. i'll tell you what to download. go to the foxnews
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>> dana: we are waiting a white house press briefing as "vanity fair" is reporting that reality television star kim kardashian will meet with jared kushner to discuss prison reform and possibly president trump. this is as calls to commute the sentence to matthew charles escalates. we introduced you to matthew charles yesterday. he served 21 years in prison
11:33 am
for selling crack cocaine in 1996. in 2016, he was released early due to the obama administration law that reduced minimum sentencing for cocaine. now charles is being sent back to prison for what the government is calling an error. with me now is kevin sharp, the u.s. district court judge who reviewed charles' case in 2010 and ruled to reduce his sentence. thank you for being with us today. we have a lot to get to. let's start with the matthew charles case and as it was presented to you at the time you thought he warranted this ability to have the sentence reduced and to walk free. >> yeah. thank you for having me. that is right. the case had started about the time i'm getting out of law school. when i take the bench in 2011 he had filed a motion to have the sentence reduced. no one had acted on that. he wrote a couple of letters and it eventually came to my attention and i got the government to respond to it.
11:34 am
so that is how he ended up in front of me. i thought having looked at it and based on the evidence that was presented to me and the arguments that he was entitled to the reduction. even then it was a close call. but you couldn't ignore what he had done with his life. and i thought that was important. i thought it warranted the reduction. i thought it warranted his being released. >> dana: we talked a little bit about that yesterday. he had found god in prison and he had decided to get his g.e.d. he became a law clerk. when he was released in 2016, he then gets reunited with his family. he starts a committed relationship with a woman that is his girlfriend now. he started attending a church regularly. he got employment, shelter and a vehicle which it seemed to me the model for what we would hope for prisoners who have a chance to get out of prison but the government is saying he should have been classified as a career offender. had you been given that
11:35 am
information at the time, would you have been allowed to reduce his sentence? >> no, i don't think i would have. it's interesting, i thought based on the papers as they were presented to me, it was unclear as to whether he was sentenced as a career criminal. i spent a lot of time going back through the sentencing record at the time and didn't think that is what the judge had done. that the judge had sentenced him instead under the crack cocaine guidelines. if that is the case then he was entitled to the reduction. you are absolutely right, i mean, this man had done exactly what we hope people will do. and use their time incarcerated to become a productive citizen. he did just that. i thought that warranted some serious consideration for his release. >> dana: so unfortunately for him, he is back in prison now. and he is supposed to serve another ten years. there are increasingly loud calls for president trump to commute the sentence or even
11:36 am
pardon him. do you think that is warranted? >> i think absolutely. that is his only chance now. i think that is exactly what you should do. this man has done what we asked of him. and he ought to be an example to others. we sentence people, part of the guidelines to fashion a sentence that is sufficient but not more harsh than necessary to comply with the factors outlined in the code. one of those is to deterred others to commute the crimes. there also ought to be this incentive to better yourself and to turn yourself around. that is exactly what mr. charles did. i think he ought to be -- that ought to be recognized. >> dana: can i ask you one last question before i let you go. you made a very tough decision to leave the bench. i'm sure that when you were named to be a judge, that was probably one of your life-long dreams. if you love the law, that is one of the things that a lot of lawyers aspire to.
11:37 am
but there is something that troubled you very much so you decided to leave and go back into private practice. but you have continued to fight for what you think is right. in the time remaining i will give you a chance to explain that. >> well, right. people ask me now, kevin, you realize this was a lifetime appointment? yes. i did realize that. i found the mandatory minimums to be so incredibly harsh. when i sentenced three young men to mandatory life sentences for drug crimes that i thought deserved nowhere near that kind of punishment. one of the young men was arrested at 23 years old. and will spend the rest of his life in prison. that was just wrong. i said it from the bench that day. i can continue to say it. i don't want to be a part of this. that is not justice. and that is not what i thought the president appointed me to do. we are judges. we should be able to use our discretion, not told how to sentence individuals.
11:38 am
you are really not even sentencing individuals. you are sentencing a class of crime and i don't get to look at the individual. i thought that was wrong. i stepped down and i have used my time to speak out against mandatory minimums and i actually work with the lawyers who are trying to help chris young -- that is the young man's name that i had to sentence to life -- help him in his appeals. hopefully we can get some justice for chris and his codefendants. >> dana: i don't know if you follow the movement in congress and even at the white house, the desire to try to do something with prison reform, something comprehensive if they can or there is the first step act that was voted on last week in the house and now goes over to the senate. do you think that sort of legal remedy would help people like yourself when you are in a position as a judge to use your own discernment rather than mandatory minimums who put people away? kim kardashian apparently wants to talk about alice johnson. she is from texas. she is a great grandmother put
11:39 am
in prison for life after a series of terrible consequences of things that happened to her. i'm not saying she didn't do the original crime but it does seem like the punishment doesn't fit the crime. >> right. you are taking discretion out of the hands of the justice and that is what you hired us to do. it doesn't mean there is not discretion but the discretion has been shifted to the prosecutor. that is not where it should be. the prosecutor has a role to fill in this process. they have given the responsibility to the prosecutor. the criminal justice reform in congress it does some things to help but mostly to help the recidivism to get people back out after they served their time. it doesn't address the mandatory minimum issue. unless congress has the will to really address that and i get that you don't get elected and re-elected looking like
11:40 am
you are soft on crime but this is about a safer society, one that doesn't just incarcerate people. >> dana: this could be the moment. we had kevin ring on yesterday with a group called families against mandatory minimums so the word is getting out. kevin sharp, we thank you for you being here. >> thank you. appreciate you having me on. >> dana: new court action in case of michael cohen. the president's personal attorney who admitted paying stormy daniels. the judge overseeing the course told daniels' lawyer michael avenatti to end the publicity tour. laura ingle is live. >> a lot went on in court today. beyond the michael avenatti part of it the federal judge overseeing the case told all parties involved they need to pick up the pace and get through all the documents that were seized out of michael cohen's home and office back in april. she wants to move this case along and she needs everybody to start really going through all of this at a much faster
11:41 am
speed. judge wood told lawyers for president trump and his personal lawyer michael cohen they had until june 15 to flag which items for cohen they lieved were attorney-client privilege. the attorneys for cohen pleaded to the judge for more time to get through the 3.7 million files they have received from the government saying they have people working through the night, sleeping on couches trying to get through it all and they are just only a third of the way through all the documents. right now a special master appointed by the court is going through all of the documents at the same time to help determine which parts are privilege and which are not. the judge said if cohen and president trump's team cannot get it done by june 15, then she would call for a special taint team to take over and finish reviewing the documents to keep the case on track. remember, there have boxes and iphones and computers and ipads that were taken out of cohen's place of residence. the government has finished production of most of all the
11:42 am
materials except for two blackberries and we learned today the contents of a shredder. meanwhile, michael avenatti, storm daniels' attorney who was asked to ber vene in this case -- intervene on this case on behalf of his client's interest finally revealed what he has been talking about as he has been referring to releasing the audio recording. he said he got a call from a member of the media that there was an audio recording of stormy daniels and her former lawyer. cohen's team said in court today they are unaware of any audiotapes being released. after the court today, avenatti took the opportunity to get in front of the mics and talk to reporters about it. listen. >> mr. cohen and his attorney mr. ryan should release all of those audio recordings to the american people and the congress so they can be heard by all and people can make the own determinations to their
11:43 am
importance relating to the president. >> as you mentioned at the top the judge said he would have to stop going on tv if he was admitted into this case. that decision has not been made. but as of right now michael avenatti has taken a withdrawal motion to be admitted for now. but he could reapply. back to you. >> dana: all right. thank you for following the circus for us, laura. the white house briefing minutes away as president trump meets with secretary pompeo ahead of negotiations for a potential summit with north korea. plus, president trump expressing his displeasure with jeff sessions. a lot to talk about at the briefing. we will bring it to you live. i got scar tissue there.
11:44 am
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11:47 am
jessica and jeff are fox news contributors. the trump tweet "bob iger called valerie jarrett to say abc does not stand behind the comments made by roseanne barr. he never called me to apologize for the comments made about me on abc. maybe i didn't get the call." the maker of ambien, the spokesperson there tweeting people of all races, religions and nationalities work at sinofi every day to improve lives around the world. all pharmaceutical treatments has side effects, racism is no side effect of any sanofi medication. what are your thoughts about the president weighing in the way he did? >> what a way for president trump to make it all about
11:48 am
him. that is not unusual at all. when it comes to this particular situation we have to be crystal clear that her tweet was racist. this is a powerful platform to make that kind of statement on. in addition to that fact people have been asking the question is roseanne racist? is she not racist? is it free speech? that is not something i will comment on today but i'll say for the viewers at home if hillary clinton had made this comment about something like condoleeza rice or anyone else, anyone else, strong republican black woman, what woul t conclne at that point? i think that is something that you can lead people with to let them decide for themselves how they feel about roseanne. >> dana: it does seem like something we could all agree on. jessica, she first said she was joking and she apologized if you didn't get her joke. then later on after she said she would leave twitter she was retweeting defense of her and then finally she said okay, look i was mixing ambien and alcohol. but to the drug-maker's point
11:49 am
it doesn't make you a racist. you might do stupid stuff on ambien and alcohol but it doesn't necessarily mean you all of a sudden change your outlook. >> yeah. those effects are well documented. the racism part seems to be special for roseanne. she has a long history of tweeting and saying offensive things, antisemitic things. she was on a role about george soros and don junior was retweeting the comments. the president should have stayed out of this. i watched the rally on kennedy's show and we were taking bets whether he would say something or not about this. i thought it was a great move that he didn't. but only a matter of time before he would weigh in and i think it would behoove him to stay as far away as possible from this. certainly not to make it about himself. it's really dangerous territory here with how closely he has linked the success of his presidency and his own base to roseanne and her character on the show. and what she was portraying.
11:50 am
because now we see who the real roseanne is. >> dana: i do think the president can weigh in if he chooses to. one of the complaints about barack obama was as president people were yearning for him to help unite the country. and that one of the criticisms was he didn't do that enough. in this situation it could have been really good for president trump to figure out a way to say this kind of thing not acceptable. uncalled for. don't do it again. if you are willing, i'm going to have to go to a commercial break. if you hold with me i want to talk about president's thinking about jeff sessions and trey gowdy's comments about the briefing he had last week on spy gate. stay with us. we'll be right back. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase.
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if i were the president and i picked somebody to be the chief law enforcement officer and they told me later oh, by the way, i'm not going
11:54 am
to be able to participate in the most important case in the office, i would be frustrated too. that is how i read that. senator sessions, why didn't you tell me this before i picked you? there are lots of really good lawyers in the country. he could have picked someone else. >> dana: that was congressman trey gowdy on attorney general jeff sessions. we are waiting for the white house briefing to begin any moment now. i have jessica and gionna standing by but i don't know how much time we have to talk to you. any guidance? we are going to sarah huckabee sanders. all right. >> sarah: he will meet with families of the victims from the tragic stool -- school shooting from santa fe high school to offer condolences and support. shortly, the president will host the white house sports and fitness day with a number of activities on the south lawn including flag football, baseball, volleyball, golf, soccer and track. the administration is committed to highlighting the benefits of youth sports and reversing declining participation rates through
11:55 am
the development of a national strategy. as the mom of three preschoolers i support them burning as much energy as possible and i think sports is a great way to do that. lastly, special happy birthday goes out to my nephew thatcher who turns 1 today. happy birthday, thatcher. with that, i'll take your questions. jonathan? >> now that trey gowdy who has seen all the classified information on what the f.b.i. was doing says there is nothing to the allegations that they were spying on the trump campaign. and, in fact, trey gowdy says the f.b.i. was doing what they should have been doing, is the president now prepared to retract the allegation that the f.b.i. was spying on the campaign? >> sarah: clearly there is still cause for concern that still needs to be looked at. don't forget the deputy director of the f.b.i. was fired for misconduct. the president is concerned ab the matter and we will continue to follow the issue. >> gowdy wasn the briefing. he knows what was done and he is saying that the allegations are baseless.
11:56 am
there was no spying on the trump campaign. >> sarah: certainly, the president feels there is cause for concern and it should be looked at. like i said, the deputy director of the f.b.i. was fired for misconduct. there are -- i'm not finished. there are a number of things that have been reported on that show i think not just for the president but a number of americans, a large cause for concern and we would like to see this fully looked into. and we will continue to follow the matter. steve? >> based on what evidence -- >> sarah: we're going to keep moving. >> what does secretary pompeo need to hear from the north koreans today as the meeting in new york for the summit to go forward? >> sarah: we are continuing to prepare for the meeting between the president and the north korean leader as the president says. if it happens we will be ready. we have got not only the meeting that you just mentioned, secretary of state pompeo is meeting with the president currently. and when he finishes that meeting he will be headed to new york for dinner tonight as well as a day full of meetings
11:57 am
tomorrow. the advance team led by deputy chief of staff joe hagin met with the north korean team in singapore earlier today. and again, expected to do so tomorrow. we want to thank our strategic partner in singapore who has been incredibly generous in agreeing to host the summit. and the president is appreciative of prime minister lee for the efforts. we also have reports back from the d.m.z., the u.s. delegation led by ambassador sung kim met with north korean officials earlier today as well. and their talks will continue. so far the read out from the meeting has been positive and we will continue to move forward in them. >> do you think it will take place, the summit? is there a denuclearization plan taking place? >> sarah: it will be focused on denuclearization of the peninsula. that is what the ongoing conversations taking place now will be centered on as well as
11:58 am
the summit that would take place in singapore. we will continue as long as that is part of the discussion. we will continue to shoot for the june 12 and expect to do that. >> south korea is interested north korea nuclear -- [inaudible] >> sarah: i'm not getting ahead of the topics. the priority focused we have discussed in that are in the ongoing conversations that the -- with secretary pompeo and the d.m.z. are focused on the denuclearization of the peninsula. but certainly a number of topics are likely to be discussed at the summit. i'm doing one question today. >> thank you, sarah. i do have two if you will indulge me quickly. >> sarah: i'm doing one question today to get as many people as possible. >> i'll make it all one
11:59 am
question. on north korea and the possible summit, can you tell us what your deadline is at this point for deciding whether or not that will or will not happen and on a completely separate topic kim kardashian is supposed to be at the white house today. can you tell us more about that? who she plans to meet with? it's reported she is meeting with jared kushner as well as president donald trump. >> sarah: she is expected to be here at the white house. i can confirm she will be here. we will keep you posted on any meetings that take place. and what those look like. in terms of north korea, we are preparing and i expect that to take place june 12. we will be ready if it does on june 12. if it's not we will be ready if it takes place on july 12. >> if the attorney general is not living up to the president's expectations is he still frustrated with him, why doesn't he just fire him instead of nursing grievance so publicly? >> sarah: the president has made his viewpoint clearly known. i don't have personnel announcements at this point.
12:00 pm
>> the president said in his right to legislation signing drug makers will be announcing a voluntary massive drop in their prices. anything more you can tell us on when this is going to happen and how widespread this massive drop in prices will be? >> sarah: i can't give other details a it this point but we expect policy pieces to come out on that soon. >> as the president spoken to roseanne barr who we know has been a longtime friend of his? why did he choose to address the abc apology instead of the underlying issue of concerns about a racist comment that she tweeted out? >> sarah: i'm not aware of any conversations that have taken place. the president simply calling out the media bias. no one is defending what she said. the president is the president of all americans. he is focused on doing what is best for our country. you can see that in the actions that he has taken. you can see where he is focused on unemployment being the lowest since 2000, opportunity investment zones to encourage investment in undeer


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